Nope, it's not a Red country is it? *chortle*Random thoughts:

It was awesome to hear the NPR newscasters occasionally slipping up and referring to the Democrats as ‘we’ throughout the night.

Some people, in reaction to the Tea Party’s call for smaller government, have been snarkily pointing out the ‘hypocrisy’ of “Old white people calling for less government while cashing federal checks.” Really? So, they should just accept that the taxes they’ve been paying have been involuntary donations they should be happy to NOT recoup? Truly old people are in a fix (along with the rest of us). They spent most of their lives paying into Social Security instead of investing that money on the promise by the federal government that they’d get a retirement check. Only  to see the federal government break open the coffers and loot their retirement money with no plan for putting it back. Now they’re not allowed to complain about big spendy government because they cash the checks they do get? Good grief.

Listening to mainstream media pundits yammering on about how, now that the GOP has a majority in the House, they’re really going to have to ‘compromise’ and ‘reach across the aisle.’ Make me laugh harder why don’t you. These are the same people who were crowing about how the Democrats didn’t have to do that when they had the majority.

Fun to look at that map while listening to media folks desperately try to minimize the implications and impact of the sweeping Republican victories.

So awesome to have felt free to vote Libertarian in a few of the races yesterday.